Sorry cant share this experience as EP Allie just deleted it
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I have knocked up my girlfriend and her mother within three weeks of each other. I also knocked up two other women that same Month. I have been taking a break..but looking to do it again.

The *****!

curious to know what your story was....

I am not sure how many women I might have knocked up as I had alot of sexual adventures when I was younger and my mrs and I have played with others over the years always bareback so there was always the risk if any of the wives werent on the pill or something . crazy......but interesting for sure

Only 1, so what's with EP Allie? Does she have a hitlist?

1woman and we were both teens

so what was 1 woman and stuff.....


sorry....just don't know what you were commenting about......since there is no story.....

the topic. how many women have I knocked up

oh....didn't you guys liked that....most of you guys seem so scared of that happening...

well it wasn't on purpose. I was 17 she was 15

oh....ok....I went to jr high with a few girls that became pregnant by older boys.....scary stuff for sure

Ever been pregnant?

never....but ive had my scares for sure....

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you can put the story in the comments - they usually survive there just fine -

Its really ******* me off I have ended up posting most of my stories to friends via email so Allie cant censor them

no they don't. I've had more than several of my comments busted by EP Allie. About a half dozen just yesterday.