My Wife's Opinion

Making love with my husband is my favourite activity, by far, because he loves me deeply and treats me with care, respect, and love all the time, especially when having sex.

I enjoy having his **** fill my *****, the heat it generates is sometimes enough to make me come, and ******* with his **** inside me are intense.

But I also love sucking his ****, with him lying down and me kneeling beside him, almost as if I am praying to his erection. It is also exciting to have him in my mouth when he is on his knees and I am on all fours in front of him. I know that he can look at my body in this position, especially my slim waist and the curve to my hips and arse, which he loves. With my knees spread wide and my back arched down so my butt is high, I feel so incredibly sexy, so naughty, almost slutty, that I can feel my ***** juices flowing.

By a long, long way, my favourite position in an MFM is this, me on all fours with my husband's **** in my mouth and me looking up at him and another man on his knees behind me ******* me doggy style. I don't have to see him and can tell myself that the **** filling my ****, pushing me to ******, is also my husband and not a stranger.

Being filled at both ends by my husband at the conscious end (my mouth) and by a pseudo-husband at the other end, the two parts of my body being used almost independently of each other, fills me with a sense of fulfillment and decadence that is really hard to explain.

All I can say to any woman or man who has not tried it yet is GO FOR IT!!!!!
grasser grasser
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5 Responses Jan 13, 2013

A great description of a MFM.

This is also my wife's favorite position after she has had 2-3 ******* missionary style with her male partner. I love looking up at her.

Hi, John my husband is a voyeur so I'm very lucky in the fact that he also loves to see me flirt,
me knowing that if I flirt and want to go all the way I can,
we have been in many MFMs but I don't think any woman will ever forget her first *********, I definitely won't forget mine, I was all trembling from the moment John and I agreed on a man named Ron, ******* were to many to remember, the first ********* I felt guilty afterwards and asked John what he must think of me, got the right answer back so we now still have **********, love them, Sally

I can guess what the right answer was

Funny you should say conscious end, my wife believes that sucking **** is more intimate than **** in *****.....

They say that prostitutes rarely kiss their tricks -- same concept.

I think it may be a slight feeling of guilt. She wants the **** in her but doesn't want to feel that she 's cheating on her husband. Doesn't have as much guilt if she imagines it's her husband at both ends. Our minds are strange things.

This was definitely the case in the early stages, but then she realised that seeing her ****** by another man did not harm our relationship, she stopped feeling any sort of guilt.

She was then free to enjoy the other man's **** in her and to let me see her enjoying being pleasured by another ****.

I like the lady kneeling beside me while she sucks me so that I can play with her ***** and cup her boobs to keep her heat up.