My Wife and Oral.

I have something perhaps one of the ladies could help me figure out. When my wife and I first got together she had already had sex with several other guys (not at the same time) but she was still a virgin at oral sex. In fact at first she refused, even saying she would never do it. Well, ironically, she loved for me to give her oral sex, she was not a virgin at this. I really wanted her to give me a bj. Eventually she broke down and did. She didn't do it often and usually for a short time then she wanted me to go down on her. During 69 was the only time I could get her to do it for any length of time.

Ok fast forward a few years later. We are more sexually mature and open about things like sharing fantasies, but still very little oral sex. Well we decided to try some experimenting and wound up having a 3 sum with a friend, (actually a total of 6 times). When we got with him it was awesome sexual fun for all three of us. I guess the only thing that really confused me was how much she seemed to enjoy sucking him. From the time we would come into the bedroom until the time he would leave, if he wasn't f***ing her she had his coc* in her mouth.

I was actually quite turned on by it all, she would suck him as soon as he came in (or do 69), when he would **** her and c*m she would let him rest a second and start sucking his limp coc* until it was hard again. She would suck me while he was f***ing her or eating her pu**y but as soon as his coc* was free she would have her mouth around it. She even laid on the bed on her back with her head hanging off the edge so he could **** her face and she could take all of it in her mouth. She even let him c*m in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

I did get more head during this time in our life, but I think he got more. I remember one night sitting in the living room watching her give him a bj to climax and swallow. I just don't get that treatment.

Ok, to clarify, I wanted to see her suck him and **** him, but I was just surprised at how much she loved his dic* in her mouth. She seems to have given up on oral sex these days, man I'd love to see her blowing the daylights out of him again.

Any comments appreciated.

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My wife loves sucking ****. before we were married, I used to stop at her apartment on the way to work and she would give me a bj to start the day right.

In an MMF, her mouth was almost always wrapped around one of our *****. She especially enjoys sucking the **** that has just taken her so she can clean her own juices off it.

of course, she enjoys having men *** in her mouth and i never had to persuade her to swallow.

I guess it all comes down to personality.

That's a bold n powerful statement.

The one time I did live with a man I always sucked his **** several times a day beginning at breakfast and as soon as he came home from work and always swallowed his ***. I also sucked his friends ***** while he watched and swallowed all of their *** too unless they pulled out and creamed my face. I've also eaten his *** out of the ***** of a woman that he had just ******.<br />
I can not imagine a woman not sucking her man's **** and swallowing his ***. In my opinion it's an obligation not an option. As a woman I believe I am here to be available for men to use for their sexual gratification in whatever way they want to use me. I do not believe in women's lib or being a feminist, I believe in being feminine to please men.

I suck my husband more than anybody. i have sucked many of his friends and he is given a show followed by whatever he wants.

I guess I'm lucky. My wife loves to suck and swallow. She initiated our 1st BJ. It surprised me! When we got into 3 sums, she always made sure she gave the other guy a BJ. <br />
<br />
She told me about a FB of hers that she said had the sweetest tasting ***. She says all men taste different.<br />
<br />
He told me he could last a lot longer in her mouth than in her pu**y.<br />
<br />
He said "As soon as I get into her honey pot, I can't last long".<br />
<br />
BTW this lasted about 6 years, 'til he moved<br />
<br />
<br />

"hot little **********" :) I like that thought.

My wife does suck my ****, but she hardly ever lets me *** in her mouth. When she is with another guy, it's a differant story. She tells me that sucking a strange **** is totally exciting and erotic, unlike the familiar, mundane task of sucking mine. She also says she wants to impress the guy, and be thought of as a better ********** than other women in his life. I love knowing that there are a lot of guys out there that think of her as "a hot little **********!" I would like her to swallow mine too, but if I must admit I kind of "get off" on the fact that she only does it for other guys.

Well now - I think I have a great plan! :) Tip to husbands - talk your wife into making a date to give a man a bj - 2 weeks from now. Then make sure she feels the need to go into training on your readily available practice pole!

Thanks for the comments.

well, i prefer some guys c*cks more than others, but just be more appeaing to her i guess

maybe you should try offering her your ---- while she is sucking his