Any Ideas ?

my wife and i are both 45 and have been in the lifestyle off and on for about eight years. we had gotten away from it for awhile because of health problems (not sex related) then we moved and lost contacts. long story short we want to get back into it. problem is she wants cpls and i would perfer to just share her with another guy. she thinks that not fair to me. how can i convince her that i get more pleasure out of making her happy and feelin good?
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I have the same feelings, I would love nothing more then to share her with another guys so that she could enjoy two of us pleasuring her. plus for selfish reasons I would like to pleasure him as well.... I keep getting the same response I don't need another guy......

It is true I get real pleasure only when I am sure she has been pleased

Have her spend a little time reading EP & she will see that by far men want to watch or help another man to give their wife & tnemselves as much sexual enjoyment as possible, but DO NOT themselves want another woman .

Just get someone with a bi partner then all 3 of you can have your wife