I Love Making Love In the Rain.

I had an experience with my husband at a beautiful State Park full of trees and a large lake.  It was a beautiful summer day with a slight breeze while we were walking down the trails.  I was surprised by only seeing one or two people that passed us by. About 1/2 a mile into it, we admired the lake just a few feet from us...about 60ft.  A slight sprinkling started and we made our way through the trees, into a ravine down by the shore hidden well by any passer byes.  As a soft warm sprinkling started, we removed our clothing and made love in the soft beautiful rain.  There is nothing more sensual than all senses heighten while making passionate love.


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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I still smile!!!!!

oh his is beautiful- a perfect day!

Oh, that sounds beautiful. I wonder if I can get my old man to go for one of those long romantic walks in the rain!