My Wife's Fantasy

My wife has told me her fantasy many times during foreplay. She wants to watch another couple having sex, while we have sex. She said she would get excited watching how another couple have sex, but from what I hear from her, I think she has a secret desire to be watched while she has sex with me. I do not think my wife would agree with me, but I hope this fantasy comes true someday.
Zaburo3665 Zaburo3665 31-35, M 8 Responses Jan 6, 2012

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sometimes women are afraid to admit things out of fear how you will react when fantasy is about to become reality .

Sounds like a magnificent idea!

Add us on skype we are a couple :) would love to watch u 2 and would also love to show my skype id is fitariabuz

whatching, being watched, haveing others join in, public walks at night on local bike trail ******* and hope poeple catch you and join in its all fun

That is awesome that she has shared this with you. Hopefully you can make this a reality some day!

I would love to watch or be watched with my wife

we've done this twice with another couple and all enjoyed it a lot. It was just watching and photographing each other, no swaps, only there was some fondling, kissing & sucking between my wife and the other wife. Believe me, it is a two way thing. The joy of watching and being watched

I am hoping that someday my wife will agree to do that. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Have you raised the idea of a webcam? If so, how does she feel about this?

It is her fantasy. We really enjoy talking about it, but she told me she wants to keep it fantasy. I have raised the idea a webcam, when we talk about her fantasy, but she is not confortable not knowing who are in the other side of the webcam.