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Puerto Morelos Desire Resort

My hubby and I went on a trip to desire resorts in cancun to enjoy the sun and nude sunbathing for my all over tan. We had researched the various clothing optional resorts and this seemed to be the best and most relaxed. What a trip it turned out to be-just about everyone was nude-there were some hot dudes and chicks there. We got hit upon a couple times but We aren't swingers or have not taken it to that level.  we did encounter several PDA evens that we ending up joining in on. The first was with a canadian couple we had met at the beach. We had gone out drinking and then walked down the beach to watch the moon with a bottel of wine. They started making out-we still had our bathing suits on-and we startedd as well. After a few breaks and sharing of wine while we made out with our respective spouses-she took off her top and he started suckling her breast-not big ones but they had beautiful hard nipples. I was getting quite turned on and my husband removed my top as well. He followed suit-we were checking each other out and both guys were rock hard. He was rubbing my ***** through my suit and I was dripping. Suddenly, our canadian friend stands up and drops his trunks-I had seen him flaccid during the day but his **** looked huge suddenly. It was the first uncircumsized penis I had seen so maybe when it popped out it looked bigger. He stood over his wife and she proceeded to suck his **** right in front of us. My husband was rubbing my **** having pushed my thong aside-and I was rubbing his **** through his shorts while watching this ******* right next to me. It was wild hearing him moaning and her slurping within my touch. My husband pulled his shorts down slightly (yea i got the hint but I wanted to watch) so I gave him a hand job while I watched her deep throated this guy and licked his shaft. My hubby and I never talked about it-but i was tempted to taste that myself-but that didn't happen.I don't know how long this went on but suddenly our friend says he's going to ***-and his girl slides back, open mouthed while he pumped what seemed like 20 spurts of juice in her mouth which she let overflow and run over her lips and down her breasts-that sent my husband over the edge-and he came all over my hand, leg and his tummy. I licked most of it off my hand-yummy. The couple walked to the water to rinse off and we did the same. We both shared how hot that was and proceeded to head back to our rooms-I don't know about them but we had some wild sex that night. we had another adventure with them later during our trip during a toga event.

satinlion satinlion 31-35, F 22 Responses Nov 27, 2007

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so you like to watch people get ****** hunn?? lol do you still live in va ,??

Plan to go to Desires after Christmas sometime. My wife is a closet Voyeur/Exhibitionist, I hope to eventually see her have sex with another person

very nice story hope you will add me

If only I could talk my wife into that. Very hot. Thank you for sharing.

Love your storie. Have you ever had sex while some one watches you

Great story. Would love to have been the third couple

awesome story !

Great story

This is what me and my wife would like to experience. Watching another couple having sex while we have our own right next to each other. I hope this will happen soon and be able to give our account.

wow great story; will check out that resort!

Awesome story - sounds great.

Oh erotic and sensual.....I should be so lucky....

Sounds like great fun was had by all! Will be looking to read more of your stories :)

Oh that sounds like a WONDERFUL vacation!!! Would love to go on a vaca like that :)

Sounds like a great night and holiday. Hope we get to hear about the toga party soon :)

Great story! Something about the Desire resort that creates the atmosphere for holiday fun.<br />
We visited the place last year and had some great experiences!<br />
We loved the roof top hot tub!<br />
Would you go back?

Wow. Well I guess for some people dreams come true!

I enjoyed the story very much. Sounds like you had a great experience that you can relive with eachother again and again.<br />
Hope you let yourselfs have more as the time goes on.

it was quite fun shall we say

So, where can we read about the other fun you had with them later on?

That sounds so good

That is sorta what we's one of those spontanious things that you think would never happen ...