I Thought This Would Change, But...

I am kind of different than the rest of the posters, in that I am not married, but I thought I had found the perfect guy. I am 28 and was in an abusive relationship for 5 years, as well as a slew of dysfunctional relationships. But then I met my boyfriend and I knew I finally found the one for me---this would definetely be my husband. And he feels the same for me. He loves me very much and we get along and are madly in love. But I ignored one "little" detail along the way. This whole time he has been nothing but honest with me that he doesn't want kids. I even told him I just want one--and even then, we wouldn't have to have one for another couple of years. I am seriously not a "baby person", but have always wanted at least one child of my own. His reasoning for not wanting a child is ambiguous, but he thought he was a father earlier in his life, which turned out to not be his. He immediately got a vasectomy and is not willing to have it reversed. I think that experience scarred him for life, as well as not wanting to have the responsibility. I am so depressed that I finally found someone that is everything I could ask for, except for this one issue. I am so lost and don't know what to do.
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Nov 8, 2010