He's Been Playing With Me Over It

Okay so I'm a little different to others in this group... I am not married but I am in a committed relationship. My boyfriend and I are together for almost four years. Three years ago, I miscarried. A few months after that, I started to get a bit broody. I knew it wouldn't happen for me then so I just got on with it. Then, last year, I thought I was pregnant. I had all of the symptoms. I was tired, sick, weak, missed my period. I was so excited! It just turned out that I was battling a serious infection. He was so relieved when we found out that I was not pregnant, I was depressed. Since then, it has become unbearable. I didn't know how to cope with the feeling of wanting something so bad and not being able to have it. It drove us apart to the point where I began to question our entire relationship. But he loves me and told me last weekend that he wanted to go for it. I was so excited! I was getting a baby. I can't remember the last time I had felt so happy! But 48 hours after telling me I could have a baby, he took it all away. He said that he had more time to think about it and that it wasn't what he wanted. I've just been in a daze ever since. I can't remember the last time I slept. I can't concentrate on anything! He knew how much this meant to me and I can't understand how he could play me like that!
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Because he's a creep. Hun, you two aren't even married. Why would you want to have a child with someone who can't even commit to you properly? He's keeping his options open, just incase he meets another girl.<br />
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You're not the one for him. if you were, he would have proposed by now, and wanted to start a family.<br />
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I think it's time you started to stand up for yourself to your "bf", and tell him you can't have your emotions jerked around like that.<br />
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You're young, and there are plenty of good men out there that want to settle down and have a family of their own. Look for one of them, and leave this guy. What he did was very cruel.

This is exactly what my boyfriend did to me!!! He cancels everything he says he didn't even care at first if I got pregnant we would always have in protected sex, then when we were offix

Officially together he has now decided he doesn't want one of course though he'll happily have sex with me and use me but I don't get what I want from it