I'm Sub

I want to be told what to do.
How to walk.
Where to sit.
I want to be controlled.
Put me in my place.
**** my throat deep and hard.
Hold my nose and make me stop breathing.
Go deeper as you wish.
That's what i'm for.
Make my eyes watery.
Make me cry, please sir master make me cry.
Make this bad slave cry and teach her to obey you.
Please sir slap my face, your filthy slave needs to cry to feel how bad she was.
Make me cry by your hand slaps on my face.
Modytota Modytota
26-30, M
6 Responses Dec 7, 2012




I would love to teach you, Daddy? Master of twenty plus years, willing to teach the right sub? could you be the sub I have been looking for?

How do I find a good little girl like you?

on your knees, crawl over and beg to be abused