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Yes I want to have a baby but I'm more into the family scene. Mentally and physically, I'm so ready to have a baby. However, I'm worried about it being the wrong timing, being in school and all, and children are so expensive. Also it hard to find a guy my age that is in the state of mind and just has prepared as I am. Or thinks logically and has some type of plan or goal, intead of just "Let's Have A Baby" But I guess I want it too good. I don't ever want me or my kids to struggle, or to miss something in their life, or to ever not be there for them. Life is short, maybe shouldn't worry so much but I can't help it. I want to have a baby but I don't wanna do it alone.
DesireMeOnly DesireMeOnly 18-21, F 4 Responses Mar 15, 2012

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OMG so old and only two relationships?

Go find a daycare center to work at and get some of your baby fix there. Also give you some real life experience when it comes time.

Life is actually quite long and if you eat well and take care of your body, you will live to be 100. But older guys are better. and get more education and find where you want to go and be in life.

Maybe dear you need to look for a little older guy. Guys your age only have a couple of things on their mind. Family and babies not being on that list.

You have a good logical mind. Just keep in mind that you can't be prepared for everything all the time. You just have to adapt to what's thrown at you. I wish I could find a woman like you.

where are you located?