I Want A Baby!!!

Me and my partner have been trying since May 2011, July 2011 i found out i was pregnant and me and my partner couldn't believe our luck! unfortunately it was short lived as 2 weeks later i miscarried. We where obviously devestated by what happened but continued to try. We have not had any luck! I know that people have been trying longer than me and I couldn't imagine the pain people feel after say 5 years of trying!!! I get this awful envious feeling that I can not control every time a friend announces she is pregnant (which recently seems to be every bloody month!) Or when i see some young girl walking around town heavily pregnant smoking!!!! Me and my partner are both healthy, I am 27, he is 34, we are in a stable relationship and have good jobs and our own home - its CRUEL that we can not complete our little family!!! I feel so guilty, my partner has a daughter with his ex and I see how happy he is with her and find myself constantly feeling inferior to his ex as she gave him a baby (and her current partner 3!!!!) and I am not WOMAN enough too!!!! My partner keeps telling me to 'give it time' but its so hard, I keep watching everyone around me living my dream by staring their own family and all I can do is sit back and WAIT for my 'turn' :(
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Are you still looking to have a baby

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