A Year Of Trying

Its been a year of trying and so far I am still not pregnant. Its not fair, I am watching my friends and family get pregnant with no effort and I just don't seem to have the same luck. The most unfair is watching friends who have always claimed they will never join the parents club's get pregnant in error and end up with a baby of their own.

I've wanted a child of my own since I was 16, determined not to make the same mistakes that my parents did. Not to say I plan on being the prefect parent as I don't believe there is such a thing but I will love my child and show them that they are first in my life no matter what. Even at 16 I was mature and sensible enough to know that if I wanted to avoid the same mistakes of my parents I needed to wait until I had a steady relationship, a healthy career and a home of my own. Then I wouldn't end up walking the same path as them, my parents should never have been parents at all if I am honest but certainly not when my mom was as young as she was ( a very immature 21 year old).

Now I am married, have been in a steady relationship for over 7 years, have had the same job for the same amount of time which earns me enough cash to be secure and a home to call my own. The only thing I haven't managed to do is learn to drive but that is due to a medical condition which makes me uneasy behind the wheel at times no matter how legal is it for me to learn. I want a baby so much, someone to love uncondional, it see the world though a new pair of eyes. Someone to teach and show them how to be decent human. Just have to keep my fingerscrossed that one day I will get pregnant and will have that little person to watch over.
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You should try my ***** ... you may not be compatible with hubby

I'm sorry you haven't had any luck. If your periods are normal try when you're ovulating, that or your doctor could probably recommend some ways for you to get pregnant

Sorry to hear that. Maybe you need a different partner. I could hrlp. If u are looking from the outside.

I will pray for you on that...
I know how painful it is when everyone around is having a baby and you are not...all my friends who got married after me already have a baby or are in the process of having one...it is difficult especially when both of us (me and wife) love kids so much...

you say you have been trying for a year...have you got yourself and your husband checked? thats what helped us figure out why we dont have a baby as yet and we are now under treatment for the same...and we are gonna keep trying and hope to get lucky soon...
so good luck to you...


Thanks for your reply, no we haven't had any checks yet. I am considering it but I have a company medical insurance which is due up for renewal so am looking into if I can get my husband on it so we can go private- tests like that can take forever on the NHS. I'm hoping it is as simple as trying at the wrong times but only time will tell

Good luck to yourselves and I hope you get lucky soon.

I will hope it is that and nothing else...on our first visit to the doc, he told us the exact day on which during her cycle when the egg will be most ready...do figure that out for yourself and make sure you have sex around those days...
try this till you get yourself tested...fingers crossed...
thanks for your wishes :)