Long For A Precious Baby

I sooo want a baby i long for one, but i am worried if i do have children in future that they might get my disability, I have coloboma in the eyes, the pupils wernt formed properly and i can only see out of one eye the other is blurry i dont want my kids to get that plus i have scoliosis a miner one i wasnt born with it tho accident. I just hope and pray that my future children dont get any of these.... it just wouldnt be fair on them. Plus everryone i know seems to be having babies and i just feel left out. Im 26 and not getting any younger
missXbonzo missXbonzo
26-30, F
5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

some stuff runs in my family like diabeties. so does being hard headed and stubburn. you can get a green card to the usa to get married you know.

awww thanks for your comment ... i need a boyfriend first lol i did have a bf long term and we wanted children but he didnt believe in marrige and i just didnt want to raise kids without being married it means alot to me to get married my dream!

have one and trust Him that He'll give you a healthy baby

Thanks sweetie for your comment :) They cant fix my eyes been thru that. Mum dosnt want me to have a child beause of those reasons too but she wants to be a grand mother i can tell.Theres 50% chance the children can get it. Maybe i can only just dream but i wont give up!Big Hugs back to you honey

Oh honey , medical science has come along way, and hopefully you will be okay.<br />
Ask your doctor about your worries, that may give you less heart ache. [[hugs]]