I'm Tired Of Waiting!

I've been married for 2.5 years now. I want a baby now. He wants to wait. He promised me that we would start trying when I turned 24. I'm 24 and a half. He insists that we use condoms, or he will withdrawal. I take it offensively. He says that he wants it to be just us, that there is no hurry and that we have our whole lives in front of us...why would I want to wait? I know what I want. A baby. When do I want it? Now!


Unfortunately the truth is that there are a few key financial elements we DO need to complete before we venture out on making our family. But I can feel my body...silly or not, sometimes it feels as though I'm wasting my time not being pregnant. Sometimes I feel like I could go menopausal any day, even though I'm so young. People always talk about an internal clock...well mine is ticking.

On top of all this, I have some potential reproductive issues, as it would seem my androgen levels may be slightly off, and I have cycsts all over my overies...but somehow I don't have PCOS. My husband was born with Hypospadias, which was corrected at birth, but left him with a weak stream, due the *slightly* larger then normal urethra. These make me think...make me worry that our chances are even lower.

So far we've tried three *REAL* times this year. No withdrawal, no condoms or anything else. Nothing happened. I know it can take forever for some couples, but if we're one of those couples, let's get while the gettin's good!
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Hello people my name Candyman and I live in Delaware I would be happy to help any women ave a baby weather they have some or not. email me back how you wanna do this...

I want to have a kid, I'm older than you (Almost 37) and never married. <br />
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First thing that I should mention is that you and your husband should both talk about it and also talk to a doctor about this. There might be ways to have a kid and also will suit your budget (Which is also something that you should discuss with your cash strapped husband).<br />
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Also ask your husband, how much longer is he wanting to wait until having kids. He should also know that women have a limited time window to have kids.<br />
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If he still stalls this longer, then my suggestion is to divorce him. I think that he wants to be the kid. He's just making money an excuse. Besides, people have kids no matter how rich or poor they are.