Is It Bad?

ok so obviously i want a baby.  i'm almost to the point where i want to purposely "accidentally" get pregnant.  but at the same time i know that's wrong to do to my i'm deciding against it...

maybe when we're married......he wants to wait til he's like 31....and i want to be like 26-29....meaning he'd be 27-30.....(he's a year older.)

i also want 5 boys.....he only wants to kids.

i do not....repeat do not want girls.  but with my luck i'll have them.  i can't deal with girls...we're nuts.

everytime i see something that has to do with babies...i always say to my boyfriend "i want a baby..." and then he too....and it makes me confused but at the same time i know he means not til i have to fake the fact that i want to wait til i'm 30 to have kids.

it's not fun.
iveseenitall iveseenitall
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3 Responses Jan 11, 2008

Yes, it is without a doubt, Bad.

yeah...i'd feel guilty to...but i think i'll purposely accidentally do it earlier than 30..maybe 27..

I know what you mean about purposely accidentally. I've thought about it too. But would feel to guilty.