More Then Anything

Yes, i am only 19, but, ever since i was in high school i have wanted nothing more then to have a child... I want everything that has to do with being a mother.... its all a long for... I want to have someone to love and care for, someone to teach new things, someone to bond with and be there for... I want a family.. I want a baby so that my girlfriend and I can start being a familyi want to be in the kitchen cooking dinner, and be able to look out and see my wife in the sand box or pushing them on the swing set... I want to be able to comfort them, take them places, i want to create all the family memories i never had....I want it more then anything in the world... and every day i beg for a job that can support me enough so that i can finally have a place and start the family i crave
MiremebeKamaria MiremebeKamaria
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 25, 2010

And i'm sure it will be an amazing family! Good luck :) *hugs*