Missing Key Ingrediant.

Hi there all, so I totally am 100% clucky.
I see kids at church and get all clucky, i see kids doing dorky adorable things, dressed in dorky adorable clothes and go mental with cluckyness.
I so want to be a Dad, i know i will be a good dad. but im not ready.
I am not financially sound, far from it. im working on that, but im not there yet.
But there thing im missing the most is a wife. i dont have one. nor a girlfriend.
So how do i stop being clucky?
This is not a good place to be in.
Any suggestions?
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5 Responses Dec 30, 2010

Thanks! :P, well, i have all my theory out the way, so now all i have to do, is the practical and so far, im doing ok at that! <br />
Happy new years!

This story sounds just like me. =) I can get to hang out with kids every now-and-then; but that's not enough, that's missing the point: I don't just love to be with kids n want to be around kids; I really really want my OWN. <br />
I try not to daydream ever, or wish too hard.. tryyy not to focus on what's missing from my life, and just focus on the present and doing what I have to do for now..<br />
<br />
I wish you all the best with your studies. and, Have a great year in 2011. :)<br />

Thanks Elizabeth, Yeah, jobs.. well, its just getting me through my study at the moment.<br />
But once i've finished my study! :P hopefully i will beable to edit this post and say i am financially sound. time will tell! :)<br />

Owwa, Guys dont have internal clocks. that why we are always late to things!<br />
I could volunteer at the churches children program.<br />
But see, i've child sat for someone from church, and its shocking!<br />
sigh. i hope i will be a good dad!

Nope.<br />
You can't help what you feel. <br />
It seems you have an internal clock too. There's really nothing you can do about it now. Try getting a job that involves children, or do something like volunteer for a children's program.