No One Gets It :/

Im only 18 and am dieing to have a baby. I know I am very young to en be thinking abut it and I know to some people it just seems wrong but I cant help how I feel. Im on birth control, the implanon, which is said to be 99.9% effective. Sometimes though I wish it didnt work just so that it would happen but I couldnt be blamed for my implanons failure. I am in a serious relationship of 3 years and am very much in love with my other half, but he just doesnt understand the way I feel, no one does and it is very difficult at times as I have nobody to turn to. I just dont understand why it would be so awful to have a baby. I know I am young and people say I need to live my life but I feel as if I wouldnt be missing out, I feel like the time is right for me. Its not like it would be unfair to the child as I know we would work out a way to financially support ourselves and the baby. But also I would love that child like nothing else in this world! I would care for that baby in every way possible and would not let it want for anything. So tell me why is it so bad for me to want this, and why does nobody get it?!?
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5 Responses Feb 7, 2011

I'm the same, me and my boyfriend decided to take it out for 3 months and if I get pregnant in that time we get a baby, if not it's not the right time and I have to get on birth control again.. already half way through the second month and really really hoping I can have a baby now, so what if I'm only 18 all I want is a baby and a family.

i was 18 when i had my first child. I think at the end of the day its up to you as your an adult now, but i wish i had waited a couple more years (not that i don't love my child i adore him) but now i want my second one so there isn't a big age gap between them but I'm at university trying to make something of myself to provide for them. Its tough but you need to really think about everything, i wish i did.

i get it!! i have it too and want a baby! im young too and i want there to be a way tht i could just concive a baby !! and i cant taje it out because my parents would freak outt.. ;/

mate i understand. im a 19 year old male. i dont exactly want a baby right now but thats only because a) i dont have a girlfriend and<br />
b) if i did i would want to make sure i had a house in a safe area and enough money to support me and my family <br />
<br />
eventually though i plan on on having at least 2 kids someday

I say just get off of your birth control and not tell him. If not, I am willing to help you out.