Too Young

The age here is not true, just to be safe. I am a teen, and for the past 3 years I realized that I wanted a baby. I thought it was a phase, but honestly I can't stop thinking about it.. I'm not stupid, I am not going to have one now, I am going to finish school first and get married before. But it just upsets me because I cry all the time and whenever I see a baby I just want to steal it. And what if I do get knocked up now, and I want to keep it my whole family will not support me, thinking that I planned it all. I go to websites and pick out baby clothes, I go to the store and pick out baby gear, I already have names picked out. It's driving me nuts that I can't have one now. I think that I'll be a great mother, soon.
Eloraa Eloraa
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Occasionally I feel the same as this. I'm making my own post atm, but I definitely sympathise. I havent dared to start hoarding baby stuff yet (oh but if I do get pregnant!), because I don't think I will have one unless it's an accident.

i wana be a successfull men any how condition.... I like old women

over all you would be a good mom. yes your family would support you. they might be upset at first but they will come around. i say let fate decide.

What names are you thinking of?

i know its horable have everyone around you have a baby and itsw ok for them! but not for you!! grrrr

teenage girl period of life , its normal thinking for many girls of your age.

Being a young man in his late teens, this may not be my place to say anything. But i do help out taking care of babies, even the hard parts like changing and feeding. You should try to get a job or volenteer at a nursury to see what its all about. Or look for a babysitting gig. And dont forget that theyre human beings. Theyll grow up to have minds of their own with their own oppinions.

Me too! I just love babys soo much!

do you have a guy you want kids from?

Anyone I'm dating at the moment I suppose... since I never go out with douchebags that will leave me if I get pregnant :P