I Have Wanted A Baby Since I Was 13..

ive wanted a baby for so long now. i think it all began when i met the one person i have loved above all others. as corny as it sounds, from the moment i met him i have never wanted to be with anyone else, and its been 3 years now. still the same feelings. i want him to have my children..

pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things a woman can go through in my opinion. it is an amazing transformation of the body. its the beginning of a new life. i want to bring that new life into the world. my baby would have come from part of me, and nobody could take that away from me.

i know a lot of you will frown on the idea of having a baby at the age of 16 and it probably wont happen till im older and i am with someone i love, but it is still what i want more than anything in the world.
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I am 24 and want a baby with my boyfriend but its so hard cause I'm ready and he's not its so upsetting

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I understand how you feel. I felt the same way when I met my wife; I never wanted to be with another person for as long as I lived from the moment I saw her smile, but I don't know if it would be a wise choice to have a baby while you're still so young. I would at least wait until you graduate high school and move into your own place (if you haven't already), as well as being financially able to support yourselves and a baby. I wouldn't say I frown on the idea, but I definitely think you need to realize the struggles that come along with being pregnant and having a baby before you go through with it. Also, just to let you know...babies are very cute and innocent and sweet...but they're also selfish and power seeking. You and your boyfriend also need to be on the same page about kids so that you can go about it responsibly.

I think starting young is good, as long as you are married and committed to each other! there's no better time!

I hope the one you loves gives you lots of babies

I understand exactly how you feel. I met my first love at 15, and I didn't tell him till about a year and a half in that that's why I was always upset, because I wanted one. Now, I'm 18 and while I don't have a baby, I've found a responsible guy who assures me when we're done university and can take care of ourselves, we'll start our own family :) It may be 5 years down the road, but his understanding makes it all bearable :)

hope you get to start a family soon!