Sometime Before 30 Would Have Been Nice...

But the outlook for that isn't great with only 2 years to go. :(  It kinda requires a second person and well it can't be just anyone. lol  So being single its just not looking too good for me to have another anytime soon.  Its very sad, and my daughter would greatly love a sibling.  She adores babies too.  She always has to check them out and she is very gentle around them.  I definitely don't want her to be an only child.

There's always adoption and I'd totally do it but believe kids deserve to have both a mom and a dad.  So I'll be holding out for someone to come into my life.

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Nope not alone at all. I'm now 31 and she is 7 and still no siblings or any where near time for more. :( I hope I can get my career going shortly so I can see about adoption or donors.

i didn't meet my stbx till i was 29. i had always swore that if i wasn't married by 30 i'd never get married. got married at 31, lol. we tried for years with two miscarriages and finally successful when she was 38. she carried to term (so proud of her) with twin boy and girl.<br />
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i can imagine how anxious ya'll would be to have another that is closer in age, but i hope you'll at least take some comfort that in this modern era you can have healthy babies well into mid-life.<br />
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they are absolutely my life. best wishes xoxox

oh i have a lump in my throat reading your story, its so similar to what ive been feeling lately. i didnt realise how upset ive been over it til i read it written by someone else! im 27, have a 3 year old girl, and im single. i always knew i wanted more than one child - i grew up in a crowded house and i wanted to fill my home with children too. unfortunately, things didnt work out as planned. im mostly fine about it, til my daughter spots a baby in the supermarket and goes over to say hello. she is so loving, so gentle, it breaks my heart. i would love to give her a little brother or sister...