I Want to have a Baby

I just want a baby but  things are not going well i just get layoff and  i really  want a baby   i need advice and  help
tangledlove tangledlove 26-30, F 6 Responses Mar 21, 2012

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Ill help you im a very caring person and i could support you our future baby and i we wouldnt have to worry

Hope everything works out well for you

Ok, can you pm me your email address so we can maybe chat.....

Have you resolved tour baby issue

I find a guy who is will to give me the baby.....

I would love to help you, most importantly i would like the mother to care for the baby and if u are willing to give the baby constant care then i would like to help you as well. Can we discuss this further?

yes i will ........ we can

not all stable relationship is good for any baby....... well the baby will be getting all my attention...well i am ready........

Do not have a baby if you are broke or not in a stable relationship. The baby needs all of your attention. The baby deserves a stable life. You can not win if you do it before you are ready.

well the baby is going to get all my attention and the baby will hve a stable life.....

Hi...i tried to pm you.send me an email so that we can talk. Send me a msg to pharmrx @ so that we can discuss this further. Sorry for the public posting, i cant msg you for some reason.