I Want to have a Baby

I just want a baby but  things are not going well i just get layoff and  i really  want a baby   i need advice and  help
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6 Responses Mar 21, 2012

pm me

Hope everything works out well for you

Ok, can you pm me your email address so we can maybe chat.....

Have you resolved tour baby issue

I find a guy who is will to give me the baby.....

I would love to help you, most importantly i would like the mother to care for the baby and if u are willing to give the baby constant care then i would like to help you as well. Can we discuss this further?

yes i will ........ we can

not all stable relationship is good for any baby....... well the baby will be getting all my attention...well i am ready........

Do not have a baby if you are broke or not in a stable relationship. The baby needs all of your attention. The baby deserves a stable life. You can not win if you do it before you are ready.

well the baby is going to get all my attention and the baby will hve a stable life.....