Life, Wisdom, Hope

New to Experience Project and am fascinated by what I've seen.  I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my desire to create, nurture and love a life, i.e. child. One would think it easy, and for younger people I'm sure it is.  However, being in my late 40's, most people think I'm insane for wanting to be a father and experience the joys and challenges of making and helping raise a baby.

I know the odds are against me, but I hold fast to hope in that my ultimate desire is to love and pass on my wisdom and help add a good citizen to a world where so many are bent on violence and unhealthy lives.

If there are any women of childbearing age and intent who would be willing to try for a baby with a very healty, excellent genetic-material, intelligent, attractive, dignified, non-ghetto, non-thuggish college graduate who will be 49, please contact me and let's talk. I am very serious and would make a great father.
BlackImperial BlackImperial
46-50, M
May 16, 2012