Why Not'/:

so im a teen'im 17years old'&&&&the love of mi life is 19'we been togeder sens i was 15 years old'so dats 2years&&&about to be 4months togeder'!! he has two jobs'soo money is nt a problem at all'ohhhh i been living with him'sens we made 2months togeder'i know we rushd bt we been knowing eachother for the longest'^.^ &&&&i think is time to start a family'but i dnt know wat to do because we both want kids'bt he keeps telling me im nt ready'-,- how can he know if im ready or nt'?? idk wat to do to convience him'to start a family right nw'the sonner d better'(:

-ps'dnt judge me or nuting like dat'!!
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2 Responses Jun 23, 2012

I think if you cannot spell, you should not have a child!

Well do you have your qualifications for a career? Are you mature enough? Can you look after yourself good enough to be able to look after a vunrable baby? As your other half will be at work so ut will be you and the baby.. Do you really have enough money? For the pram, the cot/crib, clothes, then money a month Inc things it needs + things it wants.. You want the baby to have everything right?<br />
P.S, I'm not having ago or judging you, as I can relate to you! x