I Want A Child....but It Seem Like It Will Never Happen

I just got married a month ago to the man of my dream. He is 23 years older then me and has 4 adult children and would gladly give me the child of my dreams. Giving the child its wants and needs are not the issues. We both are happy in our life and having a child together would just make things that much better.
There is just one little problem... My seziure disorder stops me from having a health baby. The medication that I take puts the baby at high risk for birth defects. I know it sounds like a cop out and your thinking just switch the medication or stop taking it. I wish it was that easy. I have tried may different meds and nothing seems to work and without the medication I would have several seziures a day witch would be hurmful to the baby and myself.
We have talked about adoption and I would love nothing more then to give a child in need a home. This is were I get stuck....how is it right to pay 10,000 plus for a child. Not to talk down other people but there are hundreds of child in the state system due to unfit parents but, those partent dont have to pay thousands of dollars to have them. Each state is paying for they birth, food and clothes on their backs. I know that the state is looking out for each of those children safety but they women are having child after child and its not costing them a thing.
I understand wanting to ensure the childs safety when it comes to the adoption process. However does it really have to cost that much. I wish that there was a smipler way to help a child and be a mother. I have already seen the father that my husband has been and I think that it just make me want it that much more.
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We have given much thought to that...I think I need to give my self some time to know that I would be completely okay that if I brought a child in to my home and was to have the child for 6months a year or however long and for whatever reason they were returned back to there home that it would kill it me. I need time to deal with my own issuse before i know I could be stong enough to deal with that.

I feel you on that. I don't see what it should cost that much to adopt a child. Its just crazy and makes people avoid adoption. The economy sucks and people want to help these kids. They say if you foster and decide to adopt its free. If you adopt a child from foster care its cheaper then a private institution.