Will Give You A Baby Or,you Have One For Me

I always wanted 4 kids and I have them.Two are adults while two are toddlers. The relationships failed.
Now I want to have one or two more kids. I want to give a nice mature deserving lady a baby.Single or married is fine. I dont really want to contribute financially so,she had to be able to manage on her own.
Alternatively,I would like a lady to get pregnant, with my baby, and give me the baby when its born.I don't want to fight over custody because I am won out from that.I will raise the baby and she will get some sort of visitation or liberal visitation if she wants. I have had to fight so much selfishness for my other kids that I want a baby I can raise and enjoy without spending endless hours in court or tons of money in legal fees.
Some folks might say,why not get a wife or girlfriend to have a baby with! Well, been there,done that.I just want to enjoy a baby with someone normal and unselfish.
I had full custody with my older kids and joint with my younger ones.I must not be that bad of a parent!I just feel like I have a void to fill and lots of love to give and receive.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

If you were to give this gift I don't see how would help you as you would be giving it away to someone else :-/

Well,the concept of a gift, in my opinion,is meant to be free,given to help someone else,without the expectation of payback. Just the mere thought that I have helped someone else who would appreciate my help and raise a baby well is satisfying enough to me.The thought that I will have a baby with someone nice,loving and appreciative is priceless to me.If they just want to have a baby and give it to me to raise will be noble:)

That is a good answer :-) x

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