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I Can't Find The Rewind Button

I am a childless, 35 year old woman. Within two months I will be 36. Obviously, time is running out.
In addtion to wanting to fulfill that maternal urge, I would like to give my mother a grandchild. She doesn't have any, and this causes her grief.
In truth, it's getting frustrating listening to friends (with kids) comment on how great I would be as a mother and how fantastic I am with kids.
twisted5elegance twisted5elegance 36-40, F 5 Responses Nov 10, 2012

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Just saying Hi!! Wondering if you got any good news to share?

msg me

If you'd like some help massage me.

Hi me again the reason I say that in my eariler post was I met someone single in your same shoes and she a co worker and ask me if I would help her become pregnant meaning she was just looking for a donor. I gave it a lot of thought we talked more I did decide to help her become a mom. And that's how became a donor. I see pics of her and her beautiful mixed baby. Feel blessed to know I made someone a mom. If you want to chat message me.

I think it is amazing you were able to do that for a co-worker.

Hey Your not alone. lets chat. Jeff