Its really nice to know I am not alone here. I am a twenty year old married woman. My husband is in college and I am a stay at home wife. I have a cleaning job at Castle near us. But, its more of a hobby. For the past year or so I have been desperatley wanting to have a baby. My husband is not ready and I know we don't own a house yet. I know and understand that we together are not ready for a baby. We want to own our home and have nice cars, a few dogs, and him almost finished with school. And, really its only a couple more years. The years go by so fast that I can't understand why I keep feeling this way. I just want us to have a baby...and I know that we aren't ready. What is it with this feeling? It's like I am on baby crack all the time. Its all I think about. I even try distracting myself but, that longing just doesnt go away. I love my husband very much and I know he wants us to have babies but, just not yet. How do I put this longing on pause?
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I completely understand your feeeling. Its a hard one to explain. For in my case its my Husband who isn't ready and I am the one who reallly wants a baby now. Its more of completing our family, if that makes sense.

I am ready personally, but I know our wedding is coming up soon and we need to wait... it's just hard to!

I hear ya! I was the same with mine! I got married in July :) After your wedding you will have more time too. I know plannig my wedding took up a lot of my time and we had a small wedding

I am SO glad I am not alone! My soon-to-be husband and I are not ready at all. We rent, he's finishing school, and we are no way ready but I constantly think about it! It's driving me crazy. I want to feel my child inside of me, moving around and kicking. I want to feel the close bond after I deliver them in to this world....

If you are ready, then have the baby. There's not a huge need to put it off. For the first 1-2 years babies don't need much space or money. They need your time and attention, instead. Seems like a perfect way to keep busy while your husband is in school. Our first baby slept in a drawer that we filled with blankets for the first few months. It was easy.