Time Is Ticking Away So Quickly

I am 33 and ready to have a baby of my own. All of my friends and family members are getting married and having babies and my biological clock has surpassed ticking and is not chiming like Big Ben! I am looking for a man who is willing to either a) donate his ***** to me, b) use natural insemination (aka have sex with me so that we can have a baby).....I am in Washington, DC and would love to find someone close by who is like minded in this endeavor. I have one man who is willing to help, but he is on the west coast and I am on he east coast.....this process would be a bit smoother if he man was on the east coast or is willing to use natural insemination. I want to start this process within the next few months so that I would be pregnant (if all goes as planned) as soon as possible.

I would like a white male between the ages of 35 an 46. Another family member had her baby yesterday and I find myself to be so incredibly jealous that this is not happening to me. I know of at least 3 other family members and several friends who either have had a baby recently or are expecting one in the near future
jenniferinvt23 jenniferinvt23
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hello jennifer

Have you gotten this done yet?

Would love to help you out if you're still in need