I Want A Baby

I am looking for a uk man to get me pregnent
bsksux bsksux
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 30, 2012

Hey i can help you out ,rather i wish to get you pregnent

I think you might be more successful with this if you tell your whole story I came on here purely to tell my own story and to find people who were in similar situations and have had 6 offers of ***** donation without even asking for it and I live in the uk also :-) good luck xx

Thank u I will do so now :) xx

Your welcome I've found mine :-) we are set to start towards middle of year xxx

Good luck hun xxx

Thank you :-) and you too hope you find what your looking for I've just ordered all the kit today and got a bit over excited and bought some very cute babygrows lol so just hope it works now ;-) x

:) bless xxx

Feel free to add me if you ever want to chat x

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