I Want My Life To Be Whole

i cant ever remember a time when i didn't want to be a mum after all its every little girls dream isn't it? my feelings about it became very strong when i was about 15 but i consider myself to be a sensible person i don't drink i've never smoked or taken drugs and there's no way i'd of become a teenage mum. At the time when my feelings became strong about it i set my heart on adoption and from that day have researched far and wide the options of parent hood and would still love to adopt one day. I am single always have been it doesn't bother me at all i have no strong feelings about it except if my Mr right is out there we will find each other at some point in life but as i'm about to turn 30 this year over the last 12mths my maternal instincts have really kicked in and my deep longing for a baby has grown i joined a fertility register looking for a ***** donor about 6 months ago at first just exploring it as an option then last week i was contacted by someone from the group at first i was a little scared but i messaged him back and suddenly it all fit in to place i always knew i wanted a baby very much but it wasn't until that moment i realized just how much that was i haven't heard back from him since so i don't know if he will be the one to full fill my dreams or not but i do know that there's nothing i want more than a baby it is only then my life will be whole
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It seems like you have a strong desire to be a mother and you have waited a long time.I wanna help you make your life whole this year:)

I live in the uk :-/

UK?....well I may need to fly out there just to help you out actually:)

I understand. At almost 30, I can see why your instincts would be kicking in! You're at that time in your life for kiddos :) You can still adopt as a single parent although it does cost a bit.

Do you have any male friends that would be willing to be a donor, you think? Keep checking around, look in to ***** banks and all.

My need to have a child of my own has overtaken my desire to adopt though I would really love to have the opportunity of both at some point unfortunately I don't have a male friend that I am close enough too for this to be an option or I would of considered it for sure I've joined up to a couple of donor registers though I'm not rushing into it if it happened tomorrow I couldn't be happier :-)

Good luck :) I wish you nothing but the best!

Thankyou ill be sure to keep posted in here ;-) x