So, when I was a little girl I used to pretend I had a baby (like most girls did)... Now that I'm soon to be married and I think about my life ahead, I want a baby like nothing else.

I have a friend who had a baby just a few months after we graduated high school together and I have another who wouldn't have a baby if her life depended on it. Sometimes I think about the good times I have with each one, and I think... Well, I love friend #1 but her having a child does sometimes kill plans and such, and friend #2 probably wouldn't have much to do with me if I had a child. But then, that instinct kicks in and I think, ya know if I did have a baby, my friends shouldn't look at it that way (more so speaking about friend #2).

Your friends should want to do things with you regardless and shouldn't ever base it off their love/like for kids.

But, other than that, I've been having dreams of having a baby a LOT lately. Also, I have been just longing to have a baby inside me... To feel my child move and grow, knowing it can hear me and knows I'm its mother. It's amazing to me that two tiny things and a little love can create a human being that loves and grows and learns.

I mean, I know my fiance' and I are no where near ready. We still have plenty of time, and I would never have one now based on that, but that doesn't mean I WANT that.

mkingsbury10 mkingsbury10
26-30, F
Jan 6, 2013