I Want To Have A Baby One Day When I Am Ready And Stable And Ready.

My name is Cherrelle. I am am almost 30 and i don't have any kids. Not even one. And to make matters steeper, i've never beeen pregnant. I have for a while now wanted to have my own baby. I want to know what pregnancy, labor, and childbirth feels like and raising a child.I don't neccesarily want to sleep with a man in order to have a baby. I been thinking about loosing weight, getting financially and mentally stable , and undergoing artificial insemenation. You don't have to have sex and you don't have to worry about a man not wanting to get you pregnant.You have to pay for the ***** and procedure, but the ***** is guaranteed to you because the ***** donors can't choose who they want to have their babies.It will be great if i can raise my own kid. i will be a way better mom than my mother from hell was to me.But i guess it's up to god whether he wants me to be a mom or not. whatever decision he makes, i am kool with it. He's the boss . Not me.
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I am a 38 yr old, tall, brown haired, blue eyed, male and have been told very handsome. I am also college educated and considered very intelligent in my work. I am willing to help some females that want to get pregnant with no strings attached in the Kansas City Area or you must travel to Kansas City. You provide the meeting/inception place and time. This is to be completely anonymous and completely free. You must be completely disease and drug free. Prefer natural inception. Please email me if you interested at: justdonatingsomespeemailatgmaildotcom .

hey there are you still looking to become pregnant one way or another? 21 yr old white male here i can help you get pregnant the old fasion way if you choose

Hi my name is Emma I too am almost 30 and I am just in the process of finding a ***** donor it's not a decision I made lightly I've waited a long time to proceed with it I'm following this route not because I don't want to have a relationship and or sex but because that side of things has not happened for me I may have found my donor and I'm excited to proceed but scared at the same time but I know I'm ready and I know it's what I want you sound like you have a few hurdles to jump before you reach this stage I know I did but good luck with your journey I wish you well xxxx