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I Want To Have A Baby One Day When I Am Ready And Stable And Ready.

My name is Cherrelle. I am am almost 30 and i don't have any kids. Not even one. And to make matters steeper, i've never beeen pregnant. I have for a while now wanted to have my own baby. I want to know what pregnancy, labor, and childbirth feels like and raising a child.I don't neccesarily want to sleep with a man in order to have a baby. I been thinking about loosing weight, getting financially and mentally stable , and undergoing artificial insemenation. You don't have to have sex and you don't have to worry about a man not wanting to get you pregnant.You have to pay for the ***** and procedure, but the ***** is guaranteed to you because the ***** donors can't choose who they want to have their babies.It will be great if i can raise my own kid. i will be a way better mom than my mother from hell was to me.But i guess it's up to god whether he wants me to be a mom or not. whatever decision he makes, i am kool with it. He's the boss . Not me.
hattieville hattieville 26-30 2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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hey there are you still looking to become pregnant one way or another? 21 yr old white male here i can help you get pregnant the old fasion way if you choose

Hi my name is Emma I too am almost 30 and I am just in the process of finding a ***** donor it's not a decision I made lightly I've waited a long time to proceed with it I'm following this route not because I don't want to have a relationship and or sex but because that side of things has not happened for me I may have found my donor and I'm excited to proceed but scared at the same time but I know I'm ready and I know it's what I want you sound like you have a few hurdles to jump before you reach this stage I know I did but good luck with your journey I wish you well xxxx