I Got Married On Dec. 27, 2012

I've been with my husband for over 10 months. He's almost 19 and I'm 25. I'm more than ready to have kids and I know someday he wants them too. He's leaving for the army on Jan. 22 2013. He'll be back in June and we'll then go to our base. He wants to wait and settle in, I understand that but I really want kids and in Nov. I'll be 26. How long can I really wait?? We'd be great parents and I know it'll make him happy. I just don't want to wait forever. I want to have four kids and be done by the time I'm 33. I'm kinda at a loss of what to do...
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

hmm maybe u should let someone eles get u pregnant if he dont want kids or wait till he does i think its great that u want 4 kids wish i could be the one to get u pregnant i love kids! plz add me id like to keep n touch n c if u get pregnant!

You might be ready but I think your husband is right to wait to be honest he is after all only young my sister is almost 33 and has 4 children which she loves dearly but its not easy by any stretch of the imagine they are hard work and lots of it her husband was younger too they are now separated he barely does anything to help with the girls at all my advice is wait a little longer you too are only young you have plenty of time and if its meant to happen it will :-) xxx