Wish I Was A Dad

Well im 38 going on 39 in a couple of months,and i enjoyed life ive had my fun and travled here and there and as i sit back and watch my nephews and nieces have thier own kids and i wish i could have met someone who would have liked to had kids, i mean my family produce very beautiful kids. Now im at a point in my life where i would love to be a dad but the problem is i am with someone who doesn't want or can have any kids,she is good to me but at times it can be very boring even with sex, i guess im hoping i can meet someone who wants the same as me to have a baby. I would enjoy help making the baby and being a dad after. I know my story sounds blahh but i want to help someone make a baby who is serious
Aperezz Aperezz 36-40, M Jan 21, 2013

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