Well now let me start by saying i am a single divorced mom of two kids....i have been single for 5 1/2 yrs ....i have been waiting for that special someone to come around .....and here i still wait....i want to me married again and i want more kids(kinda need a man for that part) ....and now my kids don't have a dad anymore he killed himself in april 2007...i mean he wasn't around a whole lot to begin with but he did call them and send them stuff and now he is now i am truly a single mom...and it is kids are my world and they come first before anything else and most people just don't understand this and so i believe this is the reason that i have not dated anyone , because usually once i tell someone that my kids are my world and that they come first, they usually dont get it, they just don't understand....i don't know anymore all i know is that i would love to find a good man who wouldn't mind taking over the father role in my childrens life, a man i can trust who is honest, and has a job, and knows how to treat a woman right....oh and must love that to much to ask for?


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no not all all! You deserve the best and you need to keep telling yourself that. you are an amazing person. you are raising your children on your own!!!...stop worrying about the man part, when the time is right everything will fall together. i believe with 100% of my being that everything happens for a will find that perffect man who will love you for the amazing person you are, he will love your family as if they were his own...dont worry :)