I Dont Ovulate

yeah, it sux. i have PCOS and i don't ovulate. and i have fibroids along with a right fallopian tube that needs to be removed. i have my cycle once every 2-6 months. i have been told that without IVF, its pretty much not gonna happen. so yeah, i try to stay as positive as i can. this whole thing is certainly making my hubby and i closer as this is something that affects us both.

please keep us in your prayers.

ellekensington ellekensington
26-30, F
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Doctors don't know everything and my cousin got shot and was in a coma she was pregnant at the time and had one baby ... Her baby died because of the trauma her body went through .. They told her she would never have any more kids she was sad and said well at least I have my daughter ... She is 36 and pregnant with her 7th child no **** ... Doctors don't have the last say

Elle~ Keep your dream strong in your heart! My sister has PCOS, and after trying for 6 years, she conceived and her miracle baby boy was born. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. I have heard from many women who have this, that when they were at peace with themselves and relaxed, that God worked a miracle for them. Just have fun with your husband, and don't stress. I wish you the best for you and your husband. Let the love you have for each other shine bright, and perhaps that twinkle will come. Bless you!

@williamjohn...thanks so much for your thoughts<br />
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@LadyDove...I have considered adoption, but I truly just want my own flesh and blood, know what I mean. You say that you want more children. Have you considered adoption?

You are in my prayers as I too cannot have children, I hav had 2 children in my younger years, and want more so bad, but cannot. Have you thought about adoption?

I wish i could make it better for you, hope thimgs work out for you