I Want to Have a Baby

Hi everyone,,its arlene

I need a bit of help from ye all...i had two misscarriages at 22weeks.....both babys were boys..my first one was in june 2006 i called him jake..the other one was in december 2008 i called him noel...My doctors said i will have to get the stitch in the next time i fall pregnant to stop this from happening again...i really want another baby..its been 8weeks since my last misscarriage..i still havnt got my period could i be pregnant again...has this happend to anyone else

arlenek339 arlenek339
1 Response Feb 22, 2009

yeah the father is the best thing that ever happened to me....he just bottles up his feelings...he trys to be strong for me but i no he is hurting over my misscarriage...its only been 8weeks since i lost my baby son...our best mates just had baby boy last week...and we are trying to be happy 4 them but deep down were both jealous...i wish for a baby very soon but wonder will i ever become a mum