I want to have a baby I want to get married first but I really want a baby really badly I need a kid. I know I should wait but honestly its so hard I wish he would propose already but I kno I shouldn't rush our love. I just want to settle n not worry about love anymore. No worries about cheating or losing him. I would be faithful n id trust that he would be to because we would be married. Even if he cheated he broke our vows n that's all on him. I kno imma choose the right guy though that won't ever even think of leaving or cheating on me. I want him to be that in love with me😍. Someday... Why oh why dnt it be today. I just want a life something to live for everyday.
laverso laverso
18-21, F
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this was then. I was stupid I don't want children but I still love my man. I just don't want children now. I guess I just grew up

I would love to give you a kid. Can we. Talk about it