Growing up I always knew what I wanted when I was grown; a good husband, a bunch a kids and a home of our own to take care of. I am an excellent caregiver, I started babysitting when I was 11 and pretty much haven't stopped sense. A few years ago I had a babysitting job where I was watching 12+ kids at a time and I still had every one in bed and asleep on top, the house spotless and the laundry done before the parents got home and I loved every second of it, even when the little special needs guy would be screaming and I had a crying baby in my arms I still enjoyed it. Last summer I had a scare, I was more than 2 weeks late and I was absolutely sure that I was pregnant and I was so thrilled with the thought of bringing a little one into the world I was just blissful. Turned out to be a false alarm sadly but every time I see a baby, every time I hear someone excitedly announce their pregnancy or see a heavily pregnant woman walking around I can't help but think "god I wish that was me having a baby". I really can't explain why I feel like this at 22 but i really can't wait to be pregnant one day.
misspaperwait misspaperwait
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014