Just before I hit 40 I will be having a baby. I've decided that I will be having my very own. I had no desire earlier on but now that my 'biological clock' is ticking I suppose I would only like to take the opportunity to procreate. I have no love interest and quite happy to have and bring a baby into the world as a single parent. If I meet a guy and we fall for each other - fabulous but I am focused on myself and ensuring I'm taken care of and so is the baby financially emotionally and all that jazz. I have goals and plans. I will probably use IVF as I am single as a 1 night stand is out of the question. :) it's strange that I think about it now, I have no love interest.. Aside from the hot guy who makes my coffee at the cafe in the city. Haha
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I have read your post a couple of times now. As a fellow hoping person - just a thought. Have you talked to your coffee guy? There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for what you want in Love. Yes getting rejected is a risk. But doing nothing will end in failure for sure. So why not talk to him?

Blackoberon...seriously? The coffee guy could be an axe-murderer! But hey, YOLO! x

Hi, I really admire your post. I too want a baby but I have no interest in finding that right person love marriage. I'm not saying I wouldn't ever give it a chance but it's not something I'm looking out for. I would love a child of my own though and I know I am ready to be a parent. I am financially stable as well so that's a bonus. I would like to discuss and pursue this option with yourself if you are genuinely interested.

That's ok. Can I ask, wouldn't delaying having a baby make it more difficult to conceive, and I apologise, I dont want to offend you in any way but generally isnt it the rule of thumb that the older you get the less infertile you are

Ok lets say you go with that plan, firstly you don't know what might happen when the time comes i.e. unforeseen circumstances, not enough money, plan didnt go to accordingly hence further delay etc.

Secondly, what if plan does go ahead accordingly but (God forbid) you can't conceive or chances are less due to age etc.

Will you really risk that? It's not like you can turn the clock back.
I appreciate that you want to set your foundation and be stable financially but here's where I can help you (financially) until you do get onto your feet but at the same time your not delaying anything for yourself. I'm not trying to be hasty or rush you but all I'm saying you do have other options and you wont regret it.

I've been wanting a baby. And it's getting to the point where i really just would have one with anyone.

Vet your partners.

Oh I get it. Put your thing away dude.