A Baby Is My Dream

I never thought before that I will have such a strong desire. I desire to have an own child. When I was younger I just didn't care about this thing at all. I didn't care about it when I saw a baby...

Now I want to start my own family. We two decided to try. It was last April.

A year is gone and nothing has changed. I am more and more depressed. I don't like it to see other women with their babies. I hate happy mothers.

I think that my husband doesn't share my feelings.  He just seems to me to be scared that this life that we're  living together will change completely.  He should go to the doctor to let him examine but he doesn't want to. He says that I always think about this one thing. But I am a woman who longs to be a mother! Why can't he understand me?

How I envy those who have no problems. They just want a baby. Both. And then it happens...
dreamygirl dreamygirl
31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2007

Dear Ifmyante! Thank you for your comment! I have a beautiful little daugther!!!! She is beautiful and sweet. With medical help but we reached it at last!

You poor thing. I know a similar feeling. My ex wife detested children, and never having considered them myself I didn't complain. But one evening we were entering a party and she saw a toddler coming towards her, only just learning to walk. She accidentally on purpose knocked the little tyke over. We broke up the next week, and I now have two beautiful children who make my life worth living. Good luck, I hope you get what you want