HOWEVER, Not Quite Yet.

I would never even consider SERIOUSLY trying to get pregnant at the moment, I'm only 19 and not yet in any stable lifestyle.. But I would absolutely love to have a baby. I'm now a full time Nanny for two boys; 9months and a 2year old. It was crazy at first, but now, I'm a complete professional! I utterly adore them.

If I discovered I was pregnant, although I'd be completely overwhelmed with pure panic, I would be so so so so happy! However, I know for a fact my fiance would not be so excited... He is Oh So Strict on the contraception. Safety first huh! He gets rather involved when we talk about the future though, he also wants five children and we've already agreed on names. He once rubbed my tummy round in a circle and pretended to speak to this imaginary baby inside me- THIS CREEPED ME OUT so much it nearly put me of sex. Luckily he hasn't done that one again. But just lying here now, waiting for him to come home to me, I would just adore to have his babies. Not another mans but his. Damn will our children be hotties too!

But the main reason I'd NEVER consider children now, certainly not because I don't want them, or I don't feel I'm ready... But those BLOODY TEENAGE CHAV'S getting pregnant by one-night stands, without a clue who the father is and raising them on benefits. It's ruined any chance of a decent reputation from a teenage pregnancy. A pregnant 19year old never sounds good.

My parents would literally KILL ME if I went home and said "mummy I'm having a baby!" ...I'd be forced down the isle in less than months away I presume, and I'd end up getting depressed because 'i'm getting fat'  Oh well. We have years and years and years and years.

DarceySmile DarceySmile
18-21, F
Sep 1, 2009