Oh..god I Want A Baby So Bad!

It has almost been 2 yrs since i lost my daughter and I am just itching to get pregnant! I am terrified of what it will bring but i want a baby so bad it hurts... we have been trying for 5 years now! We almost had it! Almost! Until it was ripped away 2 yrs ago before it even began...Now all I can think about is having another baby!

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Just a lot of time and we totally just stopped trying. I got rid of all of our baby stuff from my previous pregnancy and lost a lot of weight! Next thing I knew I was pregnant. She turned out great! She is almost 8 months old now. I still had Pre eclampisa with this baby too. I delivered at 30 wks. she was in the NICU for 2 months. And surprise surprise I am currently 9 wks pregnant. I don't know I just had to relax.

congratulations as long as its healthy who cares just be glad its happened relax and keep your feet up alot no lifting and no steps dont reach for things either i hope all goes well you are blessedyou are almost past the danger zone so be careful and eat healthy i know so much about this because of trying so hard and I used to be an emt so ive delivered <br />
What did you do I had lost my twins when I was 19 and have been trying to have a child since its been 13 years and nothing i have been so depressed im at wits end at 32 my biological clock is ticking

I lost my twins too 1 still born the other 37 seconds later

OMG! I haven't been on EP in so long!! New update!! Im 21 wks pregnant! Took forever but so far our hard work has finally paid off. Now i just need prayers so that I can make it all the way through this preganacy!! So far so good. The baby is healthy and growing just right. Unfortunately it won't let us see what it is. Its as stubborn as it's daddy and is hiding its stuff!

How did you finally get pregnant I am 35 and have no children I have been trying for about 13 years between still borns and miscariages and for the last 8 years nothing

WOW !!!! you want a baby so bad ....and hears me not wanting to be pregnant

Welcome to have a Baby and have shower of blessings !!!