I Hope I Can Still Get Pregnant :(

I already have two beautiful kids who I love dearly. I had them at a young age and I believe I am blessed to have well mannered, smart, and talented kids. There are many teen mothers who do not have the love and support that I have from my family...and they do a ****** job raising their kids...but me, I beat the odds!


anyway...I am older and now, I want to get married and have a baby (or babies) the "right" way. I am with a wonderful guy who loves me and wants the same things. We've talked about it in depth and we know that this is something we're going to start working on right away. I am so excited, but I dont even know if I can still have babies. One day, I went to my doctor because my period is really irregular. I wont have it for 6+ months and then, I will have it for almost a month straight. We ran tests and it looks like I am going through early menopause??? WTF! I cried :(

 It is going to be so much harder for us to get pregnant!

Im at the point where I dont even get all that excited anymore. I did tell my hubby and he is so sweet and caring about the matter. He says if it comes down to it, we will go see a specialist. :) He makes me so happy...but it still hurts. Sometimes I blame myself. If I wasnt such a dumbass when I was younger and had my kids, maybe it wouldnt be so hard now. Maybe I messed up my chances somehow.

I want a baby so much right now...hopefully I will be blessed at least one more time. If not, I'll adopt :)

MissingMySoldier80 MissingMySoldier80
26-30, F
Mar 6, 2010