I Have Dreams About Having Babies, And Everyone Around Me Is Having Them..

Last night I dreamt I gave birth to a baby girl that was not my husbands. It belonged to a guy I liked in highschool but his name was changed to that of my cousin and had my cousins build. (My cousin has a wife and 2 kids of his own, one being a 6 month old girl). I took the father to see the baby and we cuddle hugged, proud of what we made. It was wierd.

I also dreamt I wasnt taking good care of the baby. That i skipped feedings, didnt finish feedings, didnt burb it, forgot to change the diaper, left it alone..

What does it all mean? Makes me feel like crap.. but having baby dreams always makes me yern that I had one..I've been wanting a baby for years but just the past year and a half or so ive really had the strong emotional feelings of wanting a baby and seeing everyone around me having kids and my husbands sister being pregnant at 19 and not taking care of herself in the pregnancy, or going to give it any kind of decent life makes me sick that she gets a wonderful gift and I can't have it yet because we're trying to be smart and plan a baby when we can afford it. But part of me doesnt care, I just want to have a baby..

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I am trying for baby number 1..<br />
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I guess you can turn anything into a pregnancy sign? Took my first round of Clomid this cycle,only 25mg so I guess it didnt help me.<br />
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Im on CD25, so I will take another prego test on CD28 in case I took it to early and it didnt register.<br />
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I currently have really sore breasts and nipples, anxiety, sleep depravation. Readers have told me conception in July, and Birth in the Spring/April. It gave me alot of hope.<br />
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I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years. Im trying to stay hopeful.

I do too have you had one yet? I dream about having one every now and then and like you said everyone else is actually having them!

are you sure davidoff?

well ..it's the motherhood instinct inside all of us , i mean women ..It's ok to crave for babies ..but u should be reasonable at the same time and do not consume urself with it ..Believe me ,children are not so fun ..a huge painful responsibility..So enjoy ur life day by day.You are missing nothing..<br />
speaking of craving for children,my friends is a virging and she loves babies to death ,when her sister had a baby girl ,the virgin girl's breasts started producing milk ..it was shocking ..

The only time I had dreams like that was when I was already pregnant.... but i think its probably the same for women who aren't preg yet but ready and those who are having these dreams who are already preg..... its just anxiety about having one of your own. Its totally normal.