Dragged To The Barber Shop For Haircuts As A Child. Moral Of The Story Never Trust A Barber Or Your Mother.

When I was young , my mother decided to cut my long hair very short. She used to bring me to the family barber shop for regular trims. One hot day in June was different. She brought me for a summer haircut  and told me it would be a little bit shorter than the normal trim that I usually get and that it would look great when it is done. She made me get the wedge haircut. Way off the collar It was ear level and stacked in the back super short. She never told me how short the barber was going to cut my hair. After we arrived at the shop she spoke to the barber to tell him how to cut my hair (not in front of me of course) and told me she had to stop at the store and would be back shortly. She told me not to worry the barber knows how my hair needs to be cut and she left. He wasted no time, the haircut was started immediately. He placed the cape on me and a neckstrip then turned me away from the mirror and he began cutting the back of my hair so I could not see how much was being removed.I asked him why he did not let me face the mirror and he said it was easier for him to see my hair at that angle and he did not want to make a mistake and have to cut it shorter. I was ok with that until  I saw huge piles of cut hair on the floor. I was the only one in the shop so I knew it was not another persons cut hair on the floor. At that point I no longer felt my thick hair on my back anymore I knew it was short, it was cut to the collar but still thick. I started to cry when I saw the pile. He then put down the scissors and lied to me and said he was done cutting the back of my hair and that all he had to do was even out the rest of my hair and he would not cut much more off. I was still upset but figured it could not get much worse. He then started cutting my hair off very quickly. He used thinning shears and a razor comb, when he used the razor comb, he told me he was just combing my hair, not cutting it.  He said it was a special comb that removes the loose hair  that was already cut off.  As he started to use this tons of  my hair came tumbling down on the cape in front of me. He was hacking my hair off in the front so it was short also. He told me to not be scared but he was just going to clean my neck of the messy hairs. He said don't make any sudden movements or he would have to cut more hair off the back. He then turned on the clippers and pushed my head down and told me to stay very still while he shaved my neck  a few minutes after that more chunks of cut hair are tumbling down my neck he was removing more of my hair in the back.  It was no longer at my neck line but cut just below my ears and he continued to stack my hair higher and shorter I knew I would hate the haircut when he was finished. When my haircut was finished I was in tears and thought I looked like a boy. I think he also enjoyed cutting my hair off... It was something you could see in his face. My mother came back and thanked him and gave him a big tip and demanded that I say thank you to him. I was so upset with her I would not even talk to her for a few days. She told me my hair will remain like that until I was old enough to take care of my own hair. I got used to my short hair for many years later and my mom always took me every 4 weeks to re-trim without fail. On my calendar at home it would be marked by her writing snip, snip, snip today is haircut day once a month and I had a standing appointment.   During the summer she had him cut the top shorter, no more than an inch and a half on top and I always had to have my nape shaved clean and my hair outlined around my ears. When I got older I had rebelled against my mother and let my hair grow out like a wild woman only getting very small trims maybe once or twice a year and not from him. For some crazy reason, I have been thinking about cutting my hair short again. Only this time I never want to go to an untrusted barber again.  As I got older I realized that I liked getting my hair cut, I found it to be a turn on even though I protested against it, I am not sure if it was the cutting or having no control I wish I could explain it but can't.  Now I want to experience getting a haircut with a energetic,motivated barberette that loves to cut hair and has no mercy with the scissors, takes full control of  my haircut, snipping my hair away but not behind my back but piled on my lap until my hair is  very short . I want to be told the truth step by step of how my hair will be reduced, until it is acceptable to her standards of being very short trimmed hair. So if you are that person snip, snip, snip my hair off nice and short. There will be alot of hair to snip off , my hair reaches my hips and I hope to have a great experience.
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I am willing to cut your hair,if you still want to.

I would love to have mine done too

I am sorry. I could feel your horror... and am a guy. To be put through that is like torture. It's been a year...I just hope that you know that long hair is never unnoticed and appreciated... To be through that. Mom's can be your worst enemy... especially when they think they are the care takers of your hair. My own daughter... I liked her to like her hair. When she was real little, sometimes I had to wash her hair. Yet, I never showed her that long hair was wrong. It was girly and nice and was apart of her. It is shame that moms feel that way. You are an individual! You have the say on how your own hair should be. Some mom's are short hair advocates. It doesn't mean that she should make you into herself. For you are your own person. No one thinks of that. No one thinks about others. Guys like long hair. It doesn't mean they don't like a wispy short hairstyle...yet, only certain girls can get away with that. Ever since we were little, rules were made...guys short and girls long hair... so, to kill that is crime. When I was little...really little... my girls in the neighborhood had long hair... 60's time and all the little girls were growing it as fast as possible and long. I appreciated it...even in awe of it... for I hated getting my hair wet (unless it was pool or lake where I could swim and that was more fun...) but it getting it washed was another deal...and I had no hair... so, these girls with long hair...I thought they were tortured... and made me appreciate it even more... it seems no one REALLY looks at hair anymore... and what it means... society just brushes it out of the way..(sorry for the pun.) But it is true! I just don't want you to feel that long hair is wrong... and yes, that horror can be an attraction... the idea of cutting it all off. Yet, bedhead is your enemy and the constant brushing and washing and styling... easier to say give up! Yet, through OTHER'S EYES, it is different. Sometimes you have to stop focusing on what you see, clear your mind and see what you have... beauty. long hair is not wrong... it's very feminine and lovely and keeping a focus on that is more true than ideas forged out of routine or media or bad nightmare memories... it's just about seeing you girly woman hair and always remembering that it is beautiful...and worth while...

Where are you? I'd be interested in helping you out?

I want to cut your hair mam...

Great story! Although you hated getting your hair cut short back then I bet you will enjoy it now. I hope you get your wish.

This is such a brilliant story .... Thanks for sharing! My mum use to make me cut my hair very very short to! She use to stand behind me and say to the stylist "cut it shorter"and the stylist was ruthless!!!!! It was a terrible experience and I use to dread it!!!!!
It very much excites me now but I have never had the guts to go to short hair again even thou I fantasise about that type of haircut everyday!!! I know how you feel!

Maddie81---You should really consider doing it------- maybe a little shorter each time at first---then the "one"----and go to a real barbershop------

Here I am!!!

I'd love to cut your hair. Message me :)

Thanks for reliving your pst and sharing it with us,