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Where Are My Friends?

I had a best friend in the beginning of high school, but we grew apart. I have had a hard time making friends since. In college, I have a hard time finding time to talk to people. I haven't made any friends that I talk to normally. A couple people say hi and that's about it. Outside of school and work I love to have fun. A girl needs to be able to talk to other girls, and I feel like that's something that I need in my life and am missing.

I like being outside, the colors pink & purple, animals, going to new places, playing video games(Wii)/board games, and sewing. I'm not athletic by any means, but I love doing yoga, even though I'm no good at it haha. I LOVE funny movies and television shows, and I pretty much never watch anything that stresses me out. 

I feel like I've skipped that crazy college party girl stage. I'm not into crazy parties where everyones drinking, or discussing boy/sex gossip. I'm past that and find it immature. I'm not dead set against talking about and doing those things, but I feel like that runs the life of most girls my age. It's not really where I fit.

My idea of a fun day hanging out with a friend would be shopping at the mall, going to the beach/pool, eating ice cream and watching a funny movie/chick flick, and finding random things to do like going to a restaurant with food I've never heard or visiting a zoo.

mgrover08 mgrover08 18-21, F 7 Responses Jul 26, 2010

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This sounds like me as well. Unfortunately, I too have gone through a lot of backstabbing and betrayal I also feel alone in the friend department. I just want someone who I can trust to be there to talk with, or even see a movie or have friend nights. I just miss spending quality time with another girl...

let's chat. :) My name is cassie. i feel like we have a lot in common. i am currently trying to recruit friends, which is the main reason i joined this site. i went through a lot of betrayal in high school and found myself very much alone in the friend department. Message and friend me. We can talk.

very nice story please join me

email add

i like to chat you

I felt like I was reading a post that I had written. Weird : )

Find a way to have some fun! If you are already happy, people will be attracted to you. Share yr unique take on whatever interests you or whatever you find ironic or funny. Keep yr chin up! ; )