Soo Frusterating

i always think i have a really good relationship with one of my girl friends we consider ourselves "besties" and then randomly they just ditch out on me and dont talk to me anymore becuase they find a new boyfriend or w.e....u can have a boyfriend and a best friend too wtf? im fun and pretty and caring i dont kno why its so hard for me to find one decent friend lol
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3 Responses Sep 29, 2010

I know exactly how you feel. Its just people in general who need to be real and mostly real to I've had some friendships I believed to be a "best friend" type of relationship and then that so called "best friend" just completely shuts themselves out of your life like nothing. Its hard but what can we do but move along and hope the next "best friend" is the "life long bff". haha. I sound lame I know hahaha but idk how else to explain it :)<br />

happened to me too more times than i can remember.... leslie <br />
<br />
you can meet me with my best friend at not trying to sell book, just an easy way to show who i am... my right arm is broken and in cast... pecking messages.. sorry... a drag to say the least!

yeah i know what u mean.................i hate it whenthey break up and come running back